Government proposes package to come out of recession

Tehran, Oct 14, IRNA – The government has prepared a package to put an end to recession and has forwarded a bill in this regard to the Majlis, said President Hassan Rouhani in a televised interview on Monday night.
Pointing to the joint sessions of the government and entrepreneurs with respect to the package, Rouhani said the package for coming out of recession is in line with ‘resistant economy’ and includes 140 paragraphs of which 30 paragraphs need regulations.

He termed creation of job opportunities possible in the light of economic prosperity and said satisfactory steps have been taken in the field of oil and gas, adding that the field is among the first sectors coming out of recession.

Last winter the first economic sector came out of recession and oil exports showed an increase of 13.7%, Rouhani said, adding that in the area of import of raw materials we had a rise of 16.4% and in the capital sector of factories and machinery imports we registered a growth of 32%.

Meanwhile, tourism made a double increase in the spring of the current year while the growth in industry and mines sector was 10% and in car manufacturing 80% in the first three months of the current year as compared to the same figure last year, said the president. He noted that agriculture in the same period experienced a growth of 3.3% in comparison to the corresponding figure last year.

President Rouhani also referred to addition of 45 million cubic meters of gas to the daily production capacity and said by the yearend this figure will be increased to 140 million cubic meters.

He pointed to the reduction of fuel consumption in the power plants and said in the next year all the power plants will become gas fueled which will leave an important effect on reducing air pollution.

“Vice-President for Planning and Strategic Supervision is in charge of follow up the package. The entire government and the first vice-president will also follow up the case because it is important for us to implement the package precisely and thereby bring the economy to a point that is desired by the people, namely economic prosperity.’



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