Dehloran gas refinery to be built with $1.5 bn fund

Ilam, Oct 9, IRNA – Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh Thursday said Dehloran gas refinery (NGL 3100) will be built with a fund of $1.5 billion. The minister made the remark on the sidelines of his visit to the oil-rich areas in the city of Dehloran, west of Iran.
In addition, he further remarked, a petrochemical plant (Dehloran NGS) will be built the feedstock of which will be provided by Dehloran gas refinery.

Pointing to the petrochemical firm as the largest in the county, Namdar Zanganeh said with the establishment and operation of the plant a great technical and industrial development will occur in the south of Ilam Province.

With the implementation of the projects for the refinery and petrochemical plant in the oil-rich areas of the province, in future Ilam will be turned into a major hub for the production of petrochemicals in the country, he said.

The oil minister added that with the implementation of macro projects a good future is visible in horizon for industrial and technical activities in Ilam which will cause a great development in this province.



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