VP: Iran more progressive than neighbors in aerospace industry

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Shariatmadari said he is delighted to see that Iran is playing a pioneering role in aerospace advancements among the neighboring states.

“Currently we are witnessing activities in the region in the filed of aerospace, which had no record in the past years,” Shariatmadari said on Saturday.

“Fortunately, we are more progressive in this concern compared to our neighbors in the region and if we use this ability with correct planning and appropriate management, we will be able to use global opportunities in the field of aerospace,” he added.

The VP said that Iran is interested in creating convergence for world peaceful goals and by such approach wants to have constructive cooperation with all regional countries in the field of peaceful aerospace technology.

Meantime, the former head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) announced in mid November that Iran plans to renovate its fleet of passenger planes and also upgrade the country’s safety flight standards this year.

“If we add 20 passenger planes to our fleet each year, we will achieve our specified goal of having a fleet with 550 aircraft by 2025,” former Head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization Hamid Reza Pahlavani said.

He said that a sum of 21 airplanes joined Iran’s fleet last Iranian year (ended March 20), and continued, “24 other planes, including three Airbus 320s, have joined the country’s passenger fleet so far this year (started March 21).”

Pahlavani said that a sum of 13 other passenger jets, including seven planes to be imported by the airlines and six brand new ones in coordination with the government, will be added to the fleet.

He reiterated that Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization acts in accordance with the safety regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and said, “The objective of implementing these regulations is upgrading our flight safety standards.”

By Fars News Agency


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