Iran daily: “Zionists control information to US leaders” — Head of military

The head of Iran’s military, explaining Tehran’s distrust of the US Government, has said that “Zionists” are controlling America’s leaders through their hold on information.

General Hassan Firouzabadi (pictured) said on Wednesday, “Due to the influence and dominance of Zionists over the US power structure, the information channels of US officials are under the sway of what has been created by Zionists.”

However, Firouzabadi offered a solution —Iran could provide the truth to set American leaders free, for example, in the current crises in Iraq and Syria over the advance of the Islamic State:

The transfer of accurate and realistic facts could prevent American officials from acting on distorted information, and Mr. Obama admitting that our information on the Islamic State has never been truer is evidence of this claim.

Firouzabadi added that, if US officials did not “free themselves from the yoke of Zionists and purge US intelligence services from their presence”, the rights of Americans will continue to be trampled:

The American people, prior to any other demand, must be pushing for the Zionists to be purged from the White House, the Congress and US intelligence services. Otherwise, their problems like racism, violation of the rights of the oppressed, discrimination in the United States of America and the spending of taxpayers’ money for the benefit of Zionists will not be solved.

Speaker of Parliament: US Airstrikes Are Destroying Syrian Infrastructure

The Iranian regime continues to distance itself from the US intervention in Syria against the Islamic State, criticizing the damage from the bombing and missiles.

Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani said Wednesday, “Today, the situation is in a way that the Americans seek to create a coalition under the pretext of attacking the Islamic State and are hitting Syria’s sites. They [Americans] are today destroying Syria’s infrastructures on that pretext.”

President Rouhani, using more diplomatic language, challenged the US aerial operations last week when he was in New York. Tehran has maintained the denunciation, even though its ally, the Assad regime, has cautiously welcomed the attacks on the Islamic State.

Head of Judiciary Continues Britain-Bashing

With last week’s historic meeting between President Rouhani and British Prime Minister David Cameron receding into the distance, the head of judiciary, Sadegh Larijani, has continued the attacks on London.

Hardliners hit back at Rouhani’s “engagement” — including thoughts of Britain and Iran reopening their embassies in each other’s countries — amid Cameron’s speech to the UN General Assembly, which criticized Iran over its nuclear program, “support of terrorism”, and human rights.

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Larijani told officials on Wednesday:

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani deplored British Prime Minister David Cameron for his remarks and human rights allegations against Iran, and said Britain is the most hated country in the world due to its black human rights record.

It is unfortunate to see that the British prime minister misused his meeting with the Iranian President. A few hours later, he used insulting words and accused Iran of violating human rights by repeating false and baseless allegations….

Such a government isn’t entitled to raise claims against another country about respect for human rights. The overt and covert meddling cases of Britain and its colonial record in India, the Middle-East, including Iran, and other parts of the world have created such hatred that it cannot be forgotten for centuries.

The Supreme Leader’s top aide, Ali Akbar Velayati, passed on Ayatollah Khamenei’s thoughts to an Irish Parliamentary delegation on Tuesday:

Our people remember the long record of the British undesirable and unfriendly behavior. The British are the main party sponsoring and responsible for the Palestinian issue”.

Velayati said all Iranians stand united in condemning Cameron’s “cheap remarks”.

More Shots in Internet War: Culture Ministry Threatens 1000s of Websites

As head of judiciary Sadegh Larijani warns the Rouhani Government over its intention to open up the Internet (see below), his colleagues in the Culture Ministry have sent out a firm message with the announcement thatit will take “serious measures” against hundreds of websites.

Deputy Culture Minister Hossein Entezami said that more than 5,000 websites in Iran will be pursued for operating without licenses. He claimed many
are publishing “immoral content” and “violating privacy”.

Entezami said eight websites will be filtered in the next week.

Iran’s “Accurate Information” to US: You Created the Islamic State

As the head of Iran’s military, General Hassan Firouzabadi, said Tehran is providing “accurate and realistic facts” to help the US get past “Zionist control” and understand the Islamic State (see above), his colleagueshave set out some of those facts.

The head of the Basij militia, Mohammad Reza Naqdi, said:

The Islamic State is a protégé of America and is carrying out America’s plans and orders.

The Coalition against the Islamic State and the attacks in Syria by the forces of the coalition led by America have four goals: to create violence among the Ummah [Muslim community], show the violent face of Islam, and to gather forces against the Islamic State as a false flag to justify the involvement as superpowers in the region.

And Firouzabadi’s deputy, General Massoud Jazayeri, explained: “The Islamic State is American-made and foreign-sponsored; it will fail without support.”

Head of Judiciary Warns Government Not to Free Up Internet

The head of the judiciary, Sadegh Amoli Larijani, has warned the Rouhani Government not to press its proposals for greater access to a faster Internet.

The Government has been embroiled in a public battle with clerics and other hardliners over its declared intention to free up communications and the flow of information, with the critics complaining that the measures will risks foreign-backed “sedition” and exposure of Iran’s youth to immorality.

Larijani expressed the “hope” on Wednesday that Government officials share the Judiciary’s “concerns” and that they will force his staff to “confront” the matter.

He assured, “Our concern is not blocking or restricting social media,” said there was a risk to social networks users as they travelled abroad: “In these round-trips there is the possibility of information being sensed and spying.”

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