Foreign Ministry thanks cinematographers for supporting n. talks

Tehran, Oct 1, IRNA – Public Relations Office of the Iranian Foreign Ministry here Wednesday appreciated shared support of a group of renowned Iranian cinematographers for country’s nuclear negotiation team.
‘Under such conditions that the broad-scale, numerous, and incessant moves of the extremist and radical circles close to the Zionist regime aimed at disturbing the atmosphere of the nuclear negotiations, and promoting and encouraging the defeat of the nuclear talks the national, joint, and responsible move of internationally renowned Iranian artists… in support of nuclear talks was both praiseworthy and effective,’ the Foreign Ministry PR communiqué said.

It evaluates the Iranian cinematographers’ joint support for the nuclear talks in line with national interests of the country and it long term objectives, especially after the anti-Iranian comments of the Zionist premier in his UN General Assembly address.

The Foreign Ministry communiqué meanwhile appreciates the efforts made by the Iranian sportsmen and women in various international scenes, the Iranian scientific and cultural figures, as well as the positive performance of the NGOs and many other social groups in improving the image of our country, that it says is effective in smoother progress of such sensitive talks as the nuclear negotiations.



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