Nasrallah: Lebanon’s security, fighting Takfirism a priority

TEHRAN, Sep. 30 (MNA) – Lebanese Seyed Hassan Nasrallah has received Iran’s secretary of Supreme National Security Council, Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported.

Ali Shamkhani praised the ‘critical role played by Hezbollah’ in providing Lebanon with security and stability. “No doubt that Lebanese society has been always indebted to the heroic efforts by Hezbollah’s men in proactively fighting Takfirist terrorists,” said Shamkhani in the meeting with Nasrallah.

He believed that Hezbollah’s strategic approach had a crucial role in participation in and managing the threats facing Lebanese and the force’s ever-increasing success in country’s developments.

“The trust invested by Lebanese public in the authorities and Hezbollah is their major asset which secures Hezbollah’s role and function as a balancing force in Lebanese political and security terrain,” added the Leader’s representative in the Supreme National Security Council.

Nasrallah pointed to the unprecedented scope of terrorism, which was an existential threat to Lebanon and stability of the region. “Fighting threats, Takfirist terrorists, and preventing the crisis spillover to Lebanon, and bolstering national unity and integrity in the country are top priorities for Hezbollah,” he asserted.

He also expressed gratitude for lavish supports by the Islamic Republic of Iran for resistance movements. “Effective fight against Takfirist terrorism entails a general avoidance of hollow maneuvering and double standards,” Nasrallah emphasized.

Shamkhani heads a security and political delegation to Lebanon to discuss different issues with Lebanese officials.

By Mehr News Agency

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