Iran plans to send man into space in next 4 years

Iran plans to send man into space in the next 4 years, Iran’s Mehr news agency quoted Iran Space Agency director Hamid Fazeli as saying on September 30.

Fazeli said Iran’s Space Agency has a plan to send a man into space, and the plan has been prepared within the framework of the national roadmap for scientific development.

The plan also suggests putting telecommunication and remote sensing satellites into orbit.

In May, Fazeli announced that Iran will launch Tadbir, Sharif, and Fajr satellites into space by the end of the current Iranian year which ends on March 20, 2015.

The head of Iran’s Aerospace Research Institute Mohammad Ebrahimi had said that Iran’s Aerospace Research Institute has an orbital and suborbital project to send a living creature to the space.

Ebrahimi said that Iran will first send a living creature to suborbital space, and later to orbital space and beyond. Ultimately, Iran’s goal is to send its first man to space.

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