UNESCO pays tribute to the work of Master Mahmoud Farshchian

Mr. Mahmoud Farshchian and Ms. Kuisch-Laroche UNESCO Iran Representative

On 28 September the Department of Environment, under the patronage of Vice President Dr. Ebtekar, organized a conference on the works of renowned Iranian painter, Mahmoud Farshchian and its impact on the Environment.

In her remarks, the Director of UNESCO’s Tehran Cluster Office paid tribute to the work of the 84-year-old Maestro, who attended the event. ”Your work is of great importance to us. Not just for its artistic value and cultural significance, but also because of the important lessons that we can learn from it today”, she said.

 UNESCO has published two books on the works of Mr. Farshchian.

Ms. Kuisch-Laroche talked about arts as a means of expressing and communicating the conditions surrounding us, which is a powerful means of raising awareness and making us reflect upon our attitudes and behavior. She stated that safeguarding the environment and raising awareness of the grave problems we are currently facing is the responsibility and duty of each and every one of us. But, she said, artists have a unique way of conveying messages that go beyond ethnic, linguistic or national barriers. Art helps feel and understand that which unites humanity in its diversity of cultures and expressions.

Environmental art is often defined as art that helps improve our relationship with the natural world. Through it, artists sometimes seek to interpret nature or educate us about environmental problems. At other times, their works re-envision our relationship to nature.

Master Farshchian’s beautiful paintings show us a perfect synergy between mankind, animals and the nature that surrounds them. His works demonstrate how these are interlinked, inter-dependent and united with each other.

Ms. Kuisch-Laroche stated that this was a great source of inspiration. “I believe that through his magnificent works, Mr. Farshchian shows us a new way – a better way- to co-exist in harmony with our environment. It is my wish today that we will follow his example and try to make it a reality”, she said.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Farshchian unveiled his new book and was presented with gifts from the organizers of the event.

By United Nations In Iran


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