Syria in last 24 hours: Army makes major advances in key provinces

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army made remarkable advances in several key provinces across the Arab country.

The army seized several key towns in Jobar neighborhood, and destroyed a key tower in the area and killed scores of al-Nusra terrorists.

The Syrian army had frustrated a large-scale terrorist attack on the barrens of Assal al-Ward in Qalamoun, killing large number of militants.

Units of the Syrian armed forces also continued targeting terrorists’ concentration centers and hideouts in many other areas in the Syrian provinces, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

Also in the past 24 hours, Syrian troops inflicted major losses on foreign-sponsored militants in the provinces of Daraa, and Quneitra in fresh operations, killing and injuring too many members of the armed groups.

The hideouts of the rebels were stormed in al-Rastan, Housh Hajo, Tal Abu al-Sanasel, Rahhoum, al-Sultaniye and Abu al-Alaya in the countryside of Daraa.

A number of rebels’ vehicles loaded with munitions and heavy machine-guns were also destroyed during the operations.

Meantime, the army soldiers targeted the strongholds of insurgents in the towns of Mashara and Jaba in the countryside of Quneitra, claiming the lives of scores of rebels.

Elsewhere, the foreign-backed militants suffered heavy losses, as the Syrian Army won the battle against the armed groups in various battlefields in the provinces of Hama and Homs.

The army soldiers carried out a series of operations on Thursday against the strongholds of the rebels in Morek, Latmeen, Wadi al-Anz, and Kafr Zeita in the countryside of Hama province, killing a large number of them.

Also, the gathering centers of the militants in Talbesieh, al-Ghajar, Rasm al- Ghajar, al-Qaser, al-Bareda and al- Za’afaraneh came under the heavy fire of the army which caused the death of too many rebels.

Meantime, the Syrian Armed Forces scored major advances against the foreign-sponsored rebels in Idlib and Lattakia, leaving large numbers of the armed groups dead and injured.

A military source said that the army soldiers stormed the hideouts of militants in Idlib and claimed the lives of scores of the rebels in Abu al-Duhour, Mardakhana, Tal a-Ouja, al-Wasta, Ebleen, SyriaTel, Jabal al-Arba’een, Ma’arzaf, Abu al-Dhohour and Talab.

Meantime, members of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group sustained heavy casualties in Lattakia, as the Syrian Army gained major grounds against them in the Northern city of al-Rawda.

By Fars News Agency


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