Energy Minister: Iran in a tough water scarcity condition

Tehran, Sept 25, IRNA – Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchain said the country is under a tough water scarcity condition and expressed the hope that God willbestow His mercy upon this nation.
Speaking in a ceremony to commemorate martyrs of water and electricity industry in the country on the occasion of Government Week, he said in the course of the Sacred Defense (Iraqi war imposed on Iran 1980-88) combatants fulfilled their duties by benefitting from the least facilities and equipment which should set an example for all today.

Pointing to the resistance of the martyrs under diverse conditions, the minister said despite the existing problems and bottlenecks in the water and electricity industry “we will resist and believe that through such a resistance we will dominate all the difficulties.”

In another development, an advisor to Khuzestan governor general said with the existing five dams built over Karoun River its capacity is completed and there is no room for even a more dam.

Stressing that the quality of Karoun water has severely degraded, Mehdi Qomeishi said major world rivers have nothing more than Karoun with the exception that wastewater is flowing into Karoun.



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