Iran assesses US air raids in Syria as illegal interference

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham on Tuesday considered air raids of the United States and some other countries in Syria as illegal interference that can further complicate the region`s chaotic conditions.

“The US move in invading Syria that was made outside the internationally-recognized barriers was breaching the national legitimacy of that country and the international rules and regulations and will beyond doubt have numerous negative aftermaths in the international scene,” said Afkham.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman warned against the repetition of the past US mistakes in the region and double standards in dealing with the terrorism phenomenon, such as arming some well known terrorist groups.

“The responsibility of the new US move, including getting killed and wounded of innocent (Syrian) citizens is on the shoulders of those who have paved the path for entering of weapons and terrorists into Syria and some other countries in the region, and with their financial and military support for the extremist groups the dimensions of the Syrian and regional crises expanded,” she said.

By Islamic Republic Of Iran MFA


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