Hamas emphasizes need for broader ties with Iran

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar

Gaza, Sept 19, IRNA – One of Hamas leaders, Mahmoud al-Zahar, said here Friday Iran is a partner in Palestiniansˈ recent victory against aggressor Zionists in Gaza which is why having broader relations with Tehran is a dire necessity.
Al-Zahar who was speaking in a political gathering in Gaza said that anyone who contributes even a penny to the resistance is a partner in the oppressed Palestinian nation’s victory.

He said that Iran’s contributions to the Palestinian resistance movement led to improvement of Hamas military wing, and therefore, Iran is a serious partner in this victory.

The Palestinian official emphasized that Hamas needs to maintain a good level of relation with all Arab and Islamic countries and players, including Iran, Syria, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Persian Gulf littoral states.

The Hamas top official said that Tel Aviv’s attack against Gaza in a near future is a remote possibility, arguing that they do not dare to resort to such an adventurism, while the Palestinian defense forces, too, are in full prepared conditions for any possible condition.

Focusing on the Palestinian National Unity Government, too, he said that that government has thus far failed in achieving its entire objectives, arguing that that is because it has not met any of its commitments.

‘When the prime minister of that government, Rami Hamdallah says that he is an employee of the Head of the Palestinian Self-Rule Administration (PNA) Mahmoud Abbas, this means that he is not the head of the Palestinian National Unity Government, but the head of the Fatah government.

He said that Hamas will think about the alternative options after the end of the six month deadline of the Palestinian National Unity Government to meet its defined commitments.



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