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Half a million pays cyber-visit to Leader

TEHRAN, Sep. 17 (MNA) More than half a million users have paid cyber-visit to Ayatollah Khameini for a prostate surgery,–Institute for Compilation and Publication of Ayatollah Khameini’s Works official website reported.

After the news of his surgery announced, many clerics and officials visited the Leader in hospital.

The website report said that due to the various limitations on people’s visit to Leader at the hospital, the Leader’s website KHAMENEI.IR created a page titled “If I go to visit …” and making possible a cyber-visit for all people .This page has been welcomed widely after 8 days of its creation, and more than half a million people (precisely 520702) have paid a cyber-visit by Wednesday morning.

More than 38,000 messages have been posted in response to the website question, with hundreds of messages by users in different countries and different languages.

By Mehr News Agency

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