West keeps lying on rights violations in Iran

Tehran, Sept 16, IRNA – Head of Iran Judiciaryˈs Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani lashed out at Western countries saying they keep repeating the lie that Iran is violating human rights to depict the wrong image in the mind of world people.
Speaking at the higher coordination meeting of council attended by the minister of culture and Islamic guidance on Tuesday, he said, “One of the West’s tactics for image-building directed against the countries contradicting with its interests, is retelling the same lie in different shapes and means.”

Larijani said the claims in the report of United Nations secretary general are the repetition of similar allegations by his special rapporteur, anti-revolution websites, hypocrites, and certain Zionist-Western rulers, and added, “In parts of the report, the Islamic Republic has been accused of censorship, violation of journalists and writers’ rights, and Internet filtering.”

“In the Islamic Republic of Iran no body opposes modern technologies including Internet. (But) They attempt by way of deception to portray Iran being against development, progress and freedom of expression,” he said.

He stressed what Iran is concerned about is the optimal use of such technologies with the least possible contamination.

Larjani said every country has its own red lines and also criticized branding of controlling the Internet crimes as censorship in the UN chief’s report.



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