Araghchi: A final deal unlikely in New York

TEHRAN, Sep. 15 (MNA) – Iran’s senior negotiator has said it is unlikely that Iran and Powers reach a final deal in New York round of nuclear negotiations.

Abbas Araghchi, who was speaking in the sidelines of 53rd Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) annual meeting in Tehran, said that AALCO focused on Asian and African affairs and that Iran had been an important member, with a permanent member in the board of directors. “In the Organization, Islamic Republic of Iran has addressed legal aspects of issues relevant to our national interests, especially in sanctions and their violation of basic human rights and the rights of Palestinians as well,” Araghchi said.

“The Organization also discusses legal issues of extremist groups; Iran is represented by Mr. Danesh Yazdi, who is chairs over the meetings; the Organization will address important issues in the upcoming days,” he added, but did not provided further details about the ‘important issues.’

Asked about whether Iran has been invited to anti-terrorism conference in Paris, Araghchi said that the ministry was deliberate about the issue but avoided taking positions by “let the ministry spokeswoman present the official position.”

On the question whether he was optimistic about New York round of Iran-Powers nuclear talks, Araghchi said that he believed it was unlikely that Iran and Powers reach a final deal, “since a great deal of issues still remain to be discussed.”

“Iran and the US will meet in a bilateral session. Meetings will be also with Powers. We have serious differences in some issues, and we hope for a final deal in New York after last month’s meetings with the US, Russia, and the EU,” the deputy-FM asserted.

“Iran’s rights and protecting achievements of our nuclear scientists are our red-lines over which we would not concede; we work to hammer out a solution which secures our fights and addresses the Powers concerns over our nuclear program,” Araghchi told reporters.

“On Wednesday, Zarif and Ashton on how to continue talks; it is probable that ministers meet; however, it is only speculation whether it will materialize,” Mr. Araghchi said, “ I believe until we have a good level of progress in negotiations, ministerial meetings will remain largely superfluous, unless we feel it will crucially contribute to progress in the negotiations,” he said.

Araghchi said that the president had not yet decided on travelling to New York, “according to information I have.”

By Mehr News Agency

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