Official: Expulsion of Iranian university students from Norway harms Intˈl understanding

Tehran, Sept 13, IRNA – Presidentˈs Advisor for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh said on Saturday that expulsion of Iranian university students from Norway harms international understanding among nations.
Speaking to IRNA, she said based on human rights charter and UNESCO l conventions, studying is among the legitimate rights of students and their expulsion from Norway without allowing them to defend their legitimate rights will harm international understanding among nations.

To prevent the move it is necessary to notify the issue to UNESCO that is in charge of promotion of education, she said.

UNESCO seeks to establish peace and interaction among nations and defending the right to continue higher education is among responsibilities of UNESCO , she said.

These students had been admitted to Norwegian universities due to their qualifications and are now at the middle of their studies.

Foreign nationals in very country should benefit from the rights provided by the host contries as long as they do not violate the country’s rules and regulations, she underlined.

Based on article five of UNESCO convention ratified in 1960, the member countries should help promote education in a bid to help people develop their personalities, she said.

Any measures harming understanding among nations are in contravention of international documents on education, she said.

Early this year, Norwegian security police in a TV program declared expulsion of 64 Iranian students from that country.

The students were mostly studying nuclear physics, electronics, metallurgy and mechanics.



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