Iran delivering 2.5 ml/d of gasoil to Iraq

TEHRAN Sep. 11 (Shana)–Islamic Republic of Iran has finalized a contract with Iraq under its terms Tehran will start delivery of 2.5 million liters of gasoil a day to the neighboring country.

 Managing director of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) Seyyed Naser Sajjadi made the remarks adding the one-year contract will meet part of fuel needs of Iraq’s power plants over the period.

Sajjadi further said: during a one year period, since August last year, NIOPDC has exported 131 million liters of gasoil, bulk of it to Iraq.

Rising delivery of natural gas to power plants has provided a good opportunity for transfer of fuel oil and gasoil produced in oil refineries located in central part of the country to south for exports.

Petroleum Ministry plans to raise the volume of natural gas delivery to power plants and reduce the amount of liquid fuel delivery.

NIOPDC also announced that the company has managed to export as much as 8.7 billion liters of fuel oil over a one year period to June 2014.



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