Iranian FM raps US for theatrical acts in dealing with terrorism

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif lashed out at Washington for supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group which is threatening the entire region, saying the United States is not serious in its so-called war on terrorism.

“Owing to their double-standards, the Americans have not been so serious in fighting the ISIL by today; they supported the ISIL in Syria in different forms for a long time and now cannot decide what to do with the slogans they have chanted for such a long time,” Zarif said in an interview with Iran’s state-run TV on Sunday, referring to the United States’ stated policy of support for anti-Damascus militant groups to topple President Bashar Al-Assad’s government.

“The ISIL is a dangerous group that one day endangered Iraq and then Syria and again Iraq and this danger will threaten other regional states and maybe the entire region tomorrow,” he warned.

Zarif said that the US and other western states need to gather a serious understanding of the danger of the ISIL before they can made a decision to start serious war on the terrorist group.

He said Iranian officials have realized the ISIL’s danger since the very first day and supported the Iraqi people against the terrorist group to prevent the spread of its activities, adding that the ISIL’s danger is threatening the entire region and confronting it requires international cooperation.

In relevant remarks in July, Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani blasted the US and other western states for their double-standard policies on terrorism in and out of Iraq.

“These countries call themselves as advocates of human rights, but they have brought human rights to a slaughterhouse, how can one believe that the Americans are advocates of human rights while they support the terrorists,” Amoil Larijani said, addressing high-ranking judiciary officials in Tehran.

He said that the US and Israel which were displeased with the democratic elections recently held in Iraq and Syria were happy with the terrorist operations happening in the two countries, which explains their double-standard policies on terrorism.

Amoli Larijani underlined that the events in the Middle-East indicated that the West doesn’t care for human rights and democracy at all.

By Fars News Agency


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