Iran reportedly arrests Ukrainian for ‘sabotage’ at nuclear plant

Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran

An Iranian newspaper says authorities there have arrested a Ukrainian national suspected of sabotage at the country’s Bushehr nuclear power plant.

The report, in the “Hamshahri” daily on September 7, said the “Ukrainian expert” was affiliated with a Russian contractor that works at Bushehr — which went online in 2011 with Russian aid.

The report did not elaborate on the timing or nature of the alleged sabotage.

Iran has long accused the United States and Israel of working to sabotage its nuclear program, which Tehran insists is entirely devoted to peaceful purposes.

A powerful piece of malware discovered in 2010, a computer worm called Stuxnet, wreaked havoc at Iranian nuclear facilities and was subsequently blamed on the United States and Israel.

Western nations and Israel suspect Iran is secretly trying to develop a nuclear-weapons capability.

By Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty


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