UNIDO ready to back Iranian hand-woven carpet

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 Tehran, Sept 2, IRNA – The representative of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) said the entity will support production and trade of Iranian hand-woven carpets.

Touring Irans National Carpet Center, Alessandro Amadio commented on UNIDOs measures to eliminate mediators from carpet trade and forge direct connection between producers and market, describing Irans hand-woven carpet as job-generating and eligible for UNIDOs support.

Promoting electronic trade in the field, publicizing the excellence of the Iranian carpet in world markets by issuing UNIDO certificates and creating a direct link between tourists and foreign customers with weavers are among the measures to be taken by UNIDO, Amadio said.

Referring to UNIDO backing of certain saffron producers in Iran, he also called for cooperation on part of Irans National Carpet Center to forge direct connection between UNIDO and carpet producers.

Welcoming UNIDOs support for Iranian carpet producers, head of the center recalled the problems facing carpet e-commerce as well as sanctions-related challenges for money transfer and called for further executive proposals to be reviewed by the center.

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