Takfiris, tool to counter Islamic Awakening: Iran official

A senior Iranian official has described the Takfiri groups wrecking havoc in a number of the Middle Eastern countries as a tool to counter the Islamic Awakening.

“Takfiri terrorist groups, which do not believe in any faith and religion, are the main tool to counter the Islamic Awakening,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said in an address to the annual session of Iran’s Assembly of Experts on Monday.

The hegemonic powers are seeking to chronically destabilize the Islamic world and undermine the solidarity of Muslims, Shamkhani added.

He also termed the Islamic Republic as the anchor of stability and the only factor for the failure of the hegemonic system’s approach to change the geopolitics of the region.

“Undoubtedly, unrealistic interpretation and propagation of Islam provides a unique opportunity for the Zionist regime (of Israel) to mercilessly slaughter innocent Muslims in Palestine and reduces motivation of the public opinion to counter the crimes of this fake and bloodthirsty regime,” Shamkhani pointed out.

The Israeli military unleashed aerial attacks on Gaza in early July and later expanded its military campaign with a ground invasion into the Palestinian strip. Over 2,130 Palestinians, including around 570 children, lost their lives and some 11,000 were injured in the raids.

Touching on the developments in Iraq, the Iranian official further noted that the “duplicitous and obvious” change in the positions of the Western states, particularly the US, as the biggest sponsors of terrorist groups and the West’s efforts to portray itself as a party to the fight against the growing threat of Takfiri terrorists are the main signs for the failure of their programs in the region.

Iraq plunged into crisis in early June after ISIL Takfiri terrorists took control of large swathes of the Arab country. Last month, US President Barack Obama authorized the use of airstrikes to prevent the advance of ISIL militants in Iraq and to protect American personnel and interests inside the country. The decision came after Washington’s inaction regarding the ISIL’s massacres in Iraq and Syria.

By Press TV


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