President: Nuclear talks not to be at summit level

Tehran, Aug 30, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that nuclear negotiations will not reach the level of the heads of state.
The president made the remarks in a press conference at the end of the Government Week.

The chief executive said that he undertook responsibility of the nuclear talks and made clear that the negotiating team enjoys support from the Supreme Leader.

Asked on the upcoming round of nuclear talks, the President said, ˈCompared to the previous ones, this time the job is more complicated because Iran seeks understanding. It is hard but it does not mean not to go to the end.

ˈWe are not pessimistic with the outcome of the talks.ˈ

He said that the negotiating team is very strong and good and the members are fully competent in talking with the other party.

To a question on the Iran-China relations, Rouhani said China had good cooperation with Iran in the sanctions era.

He then expressed happiness over presidency of Turkish President Receb Teyyip Erdogan.

ˈIn the new era, we will have better relations with Turkey. We have difference of opinion with Turkey on the Syrian developments. No problem. We hope we will bring the differences to settlement.ˈ

The president said in the meantime that the government will take into consideration and implement the guidelines of the Supreme Leader in his meeting with the cabinet.

ˈAs for the issues about the previous years and their backlash in the present time, we will act within framework of the law and our yardstick is the law. If the judiciary has sentenced a person to a prison term and he/she are deprived of the social rights. Letˈs say, if the court has deprived one of the social rights, we have nothing to do.ˈ

Asked about his presence at the United Nations General Assembly in September and whether or not to meet with President Barack Obama, he said that he has not decided yet.

He said for Iran, good relations with all the neighbors, including Saudi Arabia, are on agenda.

ˈWe want to have better relations with all the neighbors. Difference, if any, has nothing to do with our bilateral relations, rather, the differences we have about the region, ranging from North Africa to the Middle East, do still exist and may remain as well.ˈ

He said that of course, regional conditions are totally different with the past. ˈIsraelis suffered defeat in Gaza. Terrorists failed in Lebanon. Terrorists had tough failures in Syria and Iraq. Conditions in Pakistan and Afghanistan are not ideal and these are all issues which should be taken into consideration in minding the future. We are ready to hold talks with Saudi Arabia and reach understanding. Of course, difference of opinion on regional issues does exist and all of them might not be settled. However, this does not mean that if having close ties with a country, our opinion on the region will also be the same. Now we have very good and sincere ties with Turkey but our opinion on Syria with is not similar. So, we can have good and sincere ties with Saudi Arabia. At the same time, on certain points our views might not be similar.ˈ



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