Gas exports hit more than 10 bcm

TEHRAN August 27 (Shana): The volume of gas exports hit more than 10 billion cubic meters over the past one year since the Prudence and Hope government took office in August 2013.

 NIGC statistics also show that gas processing capacity of the country has gone up by more than 1.5 bcm during the period which in turn has raised the capability of NIGC for boosting gas exports as well as distribution across the country.

Gas processing plants of the country processed more than 182 bcm of gas over the past year, up by 1.5 bcm year on year.

Since August last year, seven turbo compressors have been installed in gas network and by installation of a new boosting gas pressure station, total number of boosting gas pressure stations has reached 72.

Also coverage of gas supply extended to three new power plants which raised the number of gas burning power plants of the country to 71.



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