A new tourist attraction in Qom: Shadqoli Khan Reservoir

TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (MNA) –  MNA reports a new tourist attraction site in Qom, a Qajar reservoir now restored and transformed into a coffeehouse.

Located in Ammar Yasir Blvd. in Qom, a tasteful tourism activist, Saeid Ebrahimizadeh, has transformed an old reservoir into a coffeehouse. Many of us assume that the history of Qom begins with the arrival of Hazrat Masoumeh, but the archeological findings say differently. Some archeological sites discovered in Qom date back to seven thousand years ago.

There is an archeological site belonging to Qajar era which was destroyed up to 85% during the destruction of historic monuments of Shadqoli Khan Hill as a result of the 4th phase of Ammar Yasir construction. This site has been restored and transformed into a beautiful complex which serves as a pantry, a craft market, a traditional Iranian restaurant and a tea and coffeehouse. Shadqoli Khan Coffeehouse is 13 meters underground and located at the reservoir’s storage tank.

At the end of the pantry, there is the teahouse surrounded by beautiful little rooms that sell pottery jars and traditional ornaments.

Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, manager of Shadqoli Khan tourist complex, regards the most significant aspect of this complex as creating solace for minds troubled by the modern lifestyle and states: “There were only one transom and two half-destroyed columns left of this building after the bulldozers’ rampage; the Cultural Heritage Administration, however, managed to nationally register these ruins so that the transom could remain as a relic from Qajar era.

Shadqoli Khan Reservoir in Qom is one of the few remaining Qajar constructions that are visited by foreign tourists and other cultural heritage enthusiasts, these days.

By Mehr News Agency

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