MP: Majlis passes laws in support of women, maternity

A view of Iran’s Majlis

Tehran, Aug 24, IRNA – Majlis Vice-Speaker for legislation Omidvar Rezaee said on Sunday that Majlis passes legislation in support of women and maternity.
Speaking to Director-General of Federación Internacional de Planificación de la Familia/Región del Hemisferio Occidental (IPPF/RHO) Tewodros Melesse in Tehran, Rezaee said the parliament gives preference to legislation for the benefit of women and maternity.

He said general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are conveyed by Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in consultation with the Expediency Council.

He added that the legislation envisaged leave from their offices for the women for child delivery and public insurance.

On the human tragedy underway in Gaza by the Israeli disproportionate bombardment of the civilian targets, he said that Israeli authorities have violated the Geneva Conventions and war laws and the International Criminal Court must bring them to Justice just like the former Yugoslavia war criminals.

Rezaee said the big powers supporting the occupying regime of Quds are behind the scene of injustice and deaths of women and children.

He called on the international forums and the non-governmental organizations, including the IPPF, to show proper reaction to ongoing injustice in Gaza.

He said the media imperialism have covered up realities and launched negative propaganda reflecting improper views, especially in the Islamic ideology.

He noted that Islam pays special attention to women and maternity and women enjoys privilege and special rights from Islamic point of view.

Melesse in turn underlined importance and need for more cooperation in line with health and attention to sanitation, voicing readiness for promotion of the cooperation and removal of the impediments.

He castigated the humanitarian catastrophes underway in Gaza and said the IPPF condemns Gaza catastrophes, being firm to continue with its activities in line with defense and support for women and children.



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