Mashal: Hamas prefers resistance to negotiation

TEHRAN, Aug. 25 (MNA) – Khaled Mashal described resistance top priority for Hamas; hailed Iran’s financial and military aid.

Khaled Mashal, political leader of Hamas, in an exclusive interview with IRINN revealed: “Our message to Iran is that war with Israel is the war of all Islamic nations, including Iran, against the Zionists. We thank Iran for its support in the past.”

Mashal expressed hope that Islamic Umma would unite against ‘Zionist threat’ and avoid ethnic and sectarian conflicts.

“We have been under Zionists military attacks for about 50 days, but Palestinian resistance stunned the enemy and disrupted their calculations,” said Khaled Mashal, “we demanded an end to the invasions. We demand that removal of the siege on Gaza and release of war prisoner.”

“The Zionists did not provide a clear answer to our demands,” he continued, “so we don’t see any need to respect their hypocritical ceasefire.”

He stated that “the Zionist regime has destroyed mosques, hospitals and schools, and we have lost more than two thousand people in this war. This is crime is much worse than Holocaust.”

“Yet, we will win this war,” he added, “for we are on the right and they are on the wrong.”

Answering to the question whether the Israel’s reaction toward Hamas conditions for ceasefire, he replied: “These are, in fact, not conditions, but our rights. It is any nation’s right to live free of siege, hunger and invasion. But we believe that negotiation with Israel is futile. The enemy hasn’t given us any concession for 23 years, unless they feel the pressure of our resistance.”

“Hamas’s first priority is resistance, not negotiation,” asserted ha and that “resistance is our war strategy against the enemy and we must render them powerless enough so that they would be forced to concede.”

“We’ve been having good ties with Iran since the 90s, and are grateful for Iran’s financial and military aid,” he stated, “Iran’s help has been very effective on Hamas’s resistance against the Zionist regime, and we hope these relations will continue.”

By Mehr News Agency

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