Impeachment won’t impede bursaries investigation

The probe into irregularities in the granting of bursaries continues to trigger controversy despite the removal of the science minister, and now Vice-President Eshagh Jahangiri says even the removal of 10 science ministers would not halt the investigation into the former administration’s mishandling of bursary funds.

In a ceremony of appreciation for Reza Farajidana, the science minister who was voted out of office by Parliament last week, Jahangiri said that Farajidana’s sense of decency prevented him from revealing everything at the impeachment session; however, Jahangiri stressed that the government will not waver from investigating the bursary grants.

Ali Najafi, who was appointed as the interim caretaker of the science ministry, also spoke at the ceremony, giving assurances that the case of the  “illegal bursaries” will be a top priority of the ministry.

“As the president has said, the government has not changed in any way, and the Ministry of Science will also continue to act within the framework of the administration’s general policies and plans.”

The most recent investigations indicate that the former administration granted bursaries to more than 3,000 ineligible candidates.

By Radio Zamaneh


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