Parliament speaker: Israel’s crimes outcome of Arab states’ support for Tel Aviv

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani strongly condemned Israel’s fresh attacks against the defenseless Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and criticized the regional Arab states for their indifference and assistance to Israel’s continued crimes against the people of Gaza.

“The Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza are the outcome of the inaction and accompaniment of some regional and Arab states (with Israel) which was followed by the western countries’ green light who see these crimes and do not help the Palestinian Muslim nation,” Larijani said, addressing an open session of the parliament on Sunday.

He noted that Israel’s renewed warmongering and their criminal acts in Gaza set blatant instance of war crimes against humanity.

Larijani reiterated that the Iranian parliament once again condemns Israel’s criminal acts and voiced all-out support for the Palestinian nation.

On Saturday, Larijani blasted the so-called advocates of human rights for keeping mum about the massacre of the Palestinians in Gaza as Israel continues bombardment of defenseless civilians, including women and children, in the besieged enclave.

“Unfortunately, these criminal acts (by Israel) are committed under the silence of the international bodies, specially the advocates of the human rights, and the indifference of many governments still continues,” Larijani said, addressing the opening ceremony of the 17th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians Conference on Environment and Development (APPCED) in Tehran.

He lamented that it is for more than two months now that Israel has been striking the defenseless people of Gaza with various bombs and explosives from land, air and sea, adding that the impact of the bombs used by Israeli in the period has been as much powerful as 6 atomic bombs could be.

The Iranian parliament speaker pointed to the Israeli attacks against the Palestinians which resulted in the destruction of buildings, urban facilities and houses, and said, “What is related to this meeting is the unprecedented destruction of Gaza environment.”

Larijani noted that more than 2,000 humans most of them children, youth and elderly people have been killed and thousands more injured and paralyzed.

“Such criminal acts by Zionists’ allies, the terrorists who have falsely named themselves Islamic, are also going on in Iraq and Syria; unprecedented killing of people and annihilation of whatever has a sign of life is continuing, hence all of us should condemn this human and environmental disaster and do our best to prevent it,” he added.

By Fars News Agency


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