Parliament condemns targeted racism against Afro-Americans

A file photo of Iran’s Majlis

Tehran, Aug 24, IRNA – Iranˈs Majlis (parliament) in a statement issued on Sunday, condemned targeted racism of the US government against Afro-Americans.
The statement urged the US officials to stop crackdown on people’s peaceful protests after the police shot dead an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9.

The targeted discrimination against the black in America by the US police and the judicial system and the suppression of protesters are clear instances of violations of human rights of people, it added.

The statement said the breaches come as the US administration constantly publishes reports of alleged human rights violations in other independent states.

Michael Brown, 18, was killed on a residential street by a white police officer in the town of Ferguson. Several demonstrations have been held in the state following the incident with protesters calling for justice in Michael’s case.



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