Netanyahu vows to intensify Israeli attacks on Gazans

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again said that the Tel Aviv regime will continue its brutal war on Gaza until the military operation’s aims are achieved.

Netanyahu says Israeli warplanes will keep pounding the besieged Palestinian coastal enclave until peace is restored to southern Israel.

“Operation Protective Edge will continue until its objectives are achieved. I said from the first day of the operation that it could take time,”  Netanyahu said at a special session of the Cabinet  in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

Senior officials from Palestinian resistance movement Hamas say the remarks are aimed at repairing the spirit of the Israeli public following the renewed fighting in the besieged Palestinian coastal enclave.

The resistance group has also recently said that Israeli premier is becoming increasingly confused and is facing a real crisis over the ongoing Tel Aviv war on Gazans.

The developments come as thousands of Israelis have also held a series of rallies in Tel Aviv to protest the war-mongering policies of Netanyahu.

Analysts say Israeli crimes against Gazans have isolated and defamed Israel across the globe.

Legal experts say there are still legal channels for Palestinians to prosecute Netanyahu for his war crimes in Gaza at the International Criminal Court.

The latest remarks come as six Palestinians including a kid have been killed in fresh attacks on Gaza this morning. At least five Palestinian children lost their lives in bombings across Gaza on Saturday.

Figures show over 90 Palestinians have been killed since Israel resumed the airstrikes on Tuesday.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the overall death toll from the Israeli war on Gaza currently stands at 2107. Nearly 570 children are among the dead.  Over 10600 Gazans have also been injured since July 8.

By Press TV


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