Iran refiner exports Sulfur to China, India

TEHRAN August 23 (Shana)–A major portion of the sulfur recovered at Iran’s Shahid Hasheminejad Refinery has been exported to China and India.

 Shahid Hasheminejad refinery has exported 75% of its recovered sulfur to destinations in China and India.

The unit can produce 2,100 tons of sulfur a day and recovers over 600,000 tons of sulfur annually besides processing natural gas, said the refiner’s executive manager Naser Eslami. 

It can also produce 650 tons a day of granulated sulfur or sulfur Bentonite which is used as fertilizer. 

Sulfur Bentonite is a granular degradable sulfur fertilizer that can be used both as a source of plant nutrient sulfur and / or as a soil amendment for correction of problem alkali soils.

It is made up of thousands of tiny particles per pastille. Sulfur Bentonite contains a special blend of swelling agents to quickly fracture the pastille and disperse them.

Production of sulfur Bentonite is a great achievement for the refinery which is used in farms for obtaining agricultural produce of higher quality, said Eslami.

Another unit producing EPCF granulated sulfur will also be launched in the refinery in the near future, added the official. 



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