Rouhani’s visit untapped by impeachment of minister

Iran’s Minister of Science, Research and Technology Reza Faraji-Dana answers the lawmakers’ questions at a Majlis session on September 30, 2013.

TEHRAN, Aug. 19 (MNA) – Presidential Administrative and Coordination deputy has said Rouhani’s provincial visit to Ardebil will go according to agenda and untapped by the impeachment of Minister of Science.

Ali Asghar Ahmadi told Mehr News that the cabinet would meet on Wednesday August 20 in northwestern province of Ardebil. “President will host the province’s high administrative council and will have a press conference,” Ahmadi added.

“Cabinet members will represent president in visits to province’s cities,” he said. This is Rouhani’s 7th such visit since assuming power in July 2013 as president.

The visit coincides with the highly controversial impeachment rescheduled for Wednesday of Rouhani’s Minister of Science Reza Faraji Dana by the Parliament.

“The cabinet’s visit to Ardebil was a pre-planned, and would remain untapped by the impeachment,” Mohammad Baqer Nowbakht, Rouhani’s deputy for Planning and Strategic Supervision was quoted as saying about the possible changes in the visit timetable.

There are speculations that Rouhani would well know that the impeachment would be successful and he would have to introduce another minister for the Ministry of Science, and thus he would decide not to attend the parliament for a defense of his minister.

The Ministry of Science is one of most sensitive and controversial positions in cabinet, and the Parliament had given a no-confidence vote to Rouhani’s first pick for the position, Mili Monfared, a year ago when Rouhani took power.

By Mehr News Agency

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