Refiner ready to receive phase 12 gas

TEHRAN August 18 (Shana)–The sour gas recovered from Phase 12 of the massive South Pars gas field will be fed to the third unit of the onshore refining facilities for treatment in the coming few weeks.

 A pipeline has been laid out down to deliver the phase’s sour gas to the refinery which will come on-stream before September.

Various units of the refinery including sour gas reception, gas condensate separation, condensate storage and lifting are operating currently and have so far offered 2.3 million barrels of condensate.

Furthermore, platforms B and C of phase 12 are about to be fully operational which will add more than 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas to the country’s production capacity.

Furthermore, other units 4th and 6th of phase 12 refinery have undergone pre-commissioning and start-up operations. When completed, the units are expected to produce 60 to 65 million mcm/d of treated gas.



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