Rafsanjani deplores Israeli habit to perpetrate crimes against humanity, calling for culpability

Tehran, Aug 19, IRNA – Expediency Council Chairman Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Tuesday expressed outrage at Israeli crimes against humanity saying that it is a habit for the Israeli authorities to perpetrate systematic crimes. He called for culpability of the Israeli authorities.
In a message issued after a group of people staged a protest outside the UN office in Tehran, Ayatollah Rafsanjani said the magnitude of the Israeli crimes is disproportionate with the military operations of the resistance movement.

He said that the Israeli leaders must understand that Israel is an occupying entity and the Palestinian resistance movement is involved in legitimate campaign to liberate their motherland from Israeli occupation.

Rafsanjani criticized failure of the international community to stop timely the Israeli operations when they perpetrate the heinous crimes time and again.

ˈThatˈs for more than half a century that the western governments have ignited the inferno of the extremist group in the region to keep the adventurist Zionists away from their own life in Europe and in all the periods the crime has been their distinctive feature.ˈ

The Ayatollah said the most recent crimes of Zionists has been bombardment of Gaza and killing of the innocent people, especially the women and children, and again the so-called advocates of human rights have kept silent and surprisingly certain global powers consider the crimes as self-defense on part of the Zionists.

He said, ˈThe voluntary demonstrations of the popular groups, academics, artists, athletes, and relief aid worker at Iran Red Crescent Society and the Welfare Organization derive from the humanitarian sentiments to the extent that when you see an oppressed, you rise up in their support in line with Quran and the Islamic commands.ˈ

He thanked the initiative to stage the protests and hoped that the international community, especially the UN, will wake up and prevent such injustice to happen again.



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