Government fully supports science minister

Tehran, Aug 16, IRNA – After weeks of debate, Majlis finally announced that plans to impeach Minister of Science, Research and Technology Reza Faraji Dana in the coming days.
The issue was raised at a cabinet meeting this week and President Hassan Rouhani and other ministers expressed their full support for Faraji Dana and defended his performance, Iran Daily wrote in its opinion column.

ˈEverywhere in the world the science minister or higher education minister is picked from among scientists and scholars and the academics consider him/her as an insider who is from their own league.ˈ

The academic aspect of the one in charge this ministry stands out more than any other aspects, the article said, lauding Faraji Dana’s bright background during the post-1979 Islamic Revolution era.

He is not just a scientist, but he is also a professor and top researcher, the article written by First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri wrote, adding that he has never played politics during his career but now we witness that he’s facing a bizarre fate.

ˈFaraji Dana failed to win a parliamentary vote of confidence ten years ago for the post of science minister under former president Mohammad Khatami. At the time Reformists had the upper hand in the Majlis, but now that the majority of lawmakers are from a different political camp, a group of them seeks to impeach him. I think it is not enough for a minister to refrain from politics, rather his/her opponents should also do so.ˈ

His friends, who were with him during school and college years and are now themselves officials serving the Islamic Republic, praise him as a devout and revolutionary figure, it said, adding that prominent scientists hail him as an internationally and domestically known scholar. ˈAnd high-ranking officials and his colleagues commend him as a noble, decent, and law-abiding manager. These are traits that cannot be ignored easily.ˈ

During his short term, Mr. Faraji Dana has brought hope and vitality as well as discipline to the campus, Jahangiri said in his article.

ˈIn the past year, ambience at universities was calm. If we put aside our political inclinations and judge things fairly, we should appreciate him for the current situation in universities and for his competent handling of grave issues universities were grappling with in the recent years.ˈ

Mr. Faraji Dana is a really qualified science minister serving the Islamic Republic and has so far been successful in implementing the government’s higher education programs and the President and his cabinet are determined to support him, it stressed.



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