Ziaran; a tourist magnet of Abyek

ABYEK, Aug. 13 (MNA) – Ziaran, a village in Abyek, enjoys breathtaking natural beauty and attractions enticing the eyes of the tourists.

Ziaran, a village with around 7,000 people, is one of the most beautiful and populous villages of Qazvin province located halfway between Taleqan and Abyek.

The village enjoys breathtaking natural scenery and attracts travelers en route Tehran, Qazvin, Alborz and even other farther provinces, enticing them to abandon their destination for sightseeing the beauties of the village.

Ziaran is close to the Tehran-Qazvin highway which gives it advantages to be an apt tourist destination. The village has a long history of settled civilization; in the distant past times, Ziaran had been part of Deilam and Tabarestan political unit. In the days of the Ziarids who ruled this geography, the village had governors appointed by the Ziarids, hence the name ‘Ziaran.’

Ziaran is flanked from the west and east by two rivers, thus feeding the gardens and orchards of the village; however, these rivers were hit by the recent years’ drought. The River Shahroud, a tributary to River Taleqan and directed through a canal to mountains, passes south of the village, providing water for the surrounding gardens. The diversion dam of Ziaran is located in south on the River Shahroud, which provides water for plains of Qazvin through long canals, also contributes to the natural attractions of the village.

Diverse environment, River Shahroud, natural springs, high mountains, lush gardens, and flora of the village are only part of the many attractions of the village.

‘Sleeping Beauty,’ is an epithet adopted by foreign tourists to mountain range south of Ziaran; viewed during a ride from Qazvin to Tehran in the vicinity of Shahid Rajaei power plant, southern mountains of Ziaran looks as if a sleeping beauty  lies extending  toward the plain like a maiden with disentangled hairs.

Tourists arriving in Ziaran contribute to the economy of the village especially in agriculture. Due to increased demand, large shopping malls now operate in the village, providing the tourists with local dairy products, fruits and handicrafts.

By Mehr News Agency

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