Speaker halis Hizbullah victory in 33-day war

Tehran, Aug 13, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani here on Wednesday described Hizbullahˈs victory in the 33-day war in 2006 as a great achievement in both Lebanon and the region.
Speaking to the Lebanese news website Al-Ahed, the top Iranian official stressed that the Resistance is a great asset for the Lebanese people.

The Zionist aggression had serious repercussions at regional level in July 2006, Larijani added.

Hizbullahˈs defense approach vis-a-vis the Israeli aggression and its special administration has created a unique evolution that led to a change in the regional equations, he said.

Larijani pointed out that for decades, Israel has been trying to become the only force in the region, but it has failed.

All the Israeli attempts to become the largest force in the region have sputtered and turned against them, he said.

Today, the only force that can stand up to Israelˈs atrocities is the Resistance which can change the equations, Larijani added.



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