Flare gas recovery at gas refinery

TEHRAN August 12 (Shana)–A project for recovering associated petroleum gas has become operational at Shahid Hasheminejad gas refinery, saving the country IRR 1.45 trillion a year, a refinery official said.

 Mehdi Khabbazi said the three-phase project prevents the burning of associated gases and saves energy consumption.

In the first phase of the project, the recovered flare gases will be used as fuel for incineration. This phase which recovers 40 percent of the associated gases saves IRR 250 billion a year.

In the second phase, the remaining associated gases – amounting to 90 mcm a year – will be sweetened.

This phase of the project, saving IRR 1.2 trillion a year, will also reduce pollution of the environment.

The remaining 20 percent will be recovered in the third step.



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