Centre urges rethink of ban on satellite programming

The Iranian Parliament’s research centre reports that government policies on satellite usage in the country have not succeeded and need to be reconsidered. In a report released on Tuesday August 12, the centre says the ban on satellite equipment and usage has not been an effective policy.

The report indicates: “An investigation into the use of satellites, opinions and the government policies regarding satellite networks in Iran show that while until a decade ago, satellite viewers only watched to satisfy their entertainment needs, under current conditions, they are turning to satellite programming more for news and information.” The report, therefore, concludes that the public has a strong motivation to turn to satellite programming.

The report adds that the only effective policy against the growing demand for satellite programming would be to provide the public with media programming that satisfies its demand for news and analysis.

The use of satellite dishes in Iran is illegal, and in addition to periodic raids to confiscate and destroy satellite dishes, the government also uses interference waves to jam satellite program reception in the country.

By Radio Zamaneh


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