,Abbas Shari-Moqaddam

Iran petchem output to hit 180mt

TEHRAN August 8 (Shana)–Managing-Director of National Petrochemical Company Abbas Sheri-Moqaddam said Iran’s petrochemical production will reach 180 million tons a year once new projects have become operational.

 He said that Iran’s petrochemical plants are currently producing 40 million tons of petrochemicals a year, below their 60-million-ton production capacity.

Sheri-Moqaddam said 36 new petrochemical projects, waiting for investment, will add 60 million tons to Iran’s petrochemical production.

Iran Petrochemical Commercial Company (IPCC) exported 838 million dollars worth of petrochemicals during the first four months of the current calendar year which started on March 21.

The exported products, weighing 831,000 tons, mainly included propane and butane.

Iran produced 40 million tons of petrochemicals in the last calendar year, with 9 billion dollars worth of its products being exported.

The country plans to increase its petrochemical exports to 12 billion dollars this year.



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