Cameron challenged again over Gaza

British Prime Minister David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron is reportedly struggling with growing discontent over his controversial handling of the Gaza crisis following the resignation of UK Foreign Office Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.

Warsi’s Tuesday departure sent shockwaves through the Conservative Party, bringing to the forefront disputes over both the UK government’s position on the massive atrocities committed by Israeli forces against the besieged Gaza Strip and the party’s future election prospects.

A number of senior British political figures, including Tory Party lawmakers, have begun to publically join the chorus of those demanding that the government take a harder line toward the Israeli regime.

This is while Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, who was sacked as attorney general in Cameron’s recent cabinet reshuffle, was among those questioning the proportionality of the Tel Aviv regime’s military offensive in Gaza, urging Cameron to censure Israel’s attacks on the region.

The criticism by Grieve was further echoed by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

Meanwhile, Warsi further warned that the UK government’s current policy stance on the Gaza situation may have drastic consequences for Britain and its people.

“Our response to [Gaza] is becoming a basis for radicalization that could have consequences for us for years to come,” she said.

Moreover, further pressure on London over it policy regarding the Israeli regime’s treatment of Palestinians emerged on Wednesday. Several MPs have called for the Prime Minister to use his leverage to persuade Netanyahu’s government to soften restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

By Press TV


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