Tehran units targeted for using too much water

The head of Iran Waterworks reports that 3,000 units in Tehran will have their water temporarily cut off due to excessive water consumption.

Mohammad Parvaresh told Mehr News on Wednesday August 6 that three months after first issuing warnings, the utility has now decided to punish high-consuming units starting Saturday August 10.

He stated that units consuming more than 50 cubic metres of water each month have been identified and their water will be cut off for seven hours on Saturday. He added that if the high consumption continues after that, they will be referred to the judiciary.

Parvaresh maintained that these high-volume water consumers have been given two warnings, adding that most are from northern part of the city and the excess water goes to watering their orchards and filling up their pools.

Iran is facing a water crisis, with low precipitation and unregulated water consumption depleting many water resources.

By Radio Zamaneh


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