Hamas rockets force settlers to flee homes: Report

Some 75 percent of Israeli settlers near the Gaza Strip have reportedly left their homes for the fear of retaliatory Palestinian rocket attacks.

Haim Yelin, head of Israel’s Eshkol District Council, said on Monday that the 75 percent have moved to the north.

The development comes despite pledges by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Military Affairs Moshe Ya’alon to some 250,000 Israelis living near Gaza that the military would build a new security fence enclosing Gaza like the barrier along the Egyptian border to secure them from Palestinian rocket fire.

Yelin said Israelis are no longer willing to live under the threat of rocket fire, despite the assurances made by Netanyahu and Ya’alon that the military has solved the so-called Gaza tunnel threat.

It is estimated that some 125,000 settlers, almost half of the 250,000 Israelis inhabiting 57 communities, refuse to return home since they believe that the Israeli military has failed to provide their security.

The Tel Aviv regime has been pounding numerous sites inside the besieged Gaza Strip since July 8 killing more than 1,860 Palestinians and injuring over 9,500 others so far. The Israeli military says 64 soldiers have been killed in the conflict, but Hamas puts the fatalities at more than 150.

The report claimed that Hamas has violated the ceasefire six times in the month-long Israeli aggression against Gaza, causing fatalities on the Israeli military.

A former Israeli military adviser, Giora Eiland, described the recent Israeli military aggression against Hamas as a draw between the two sides, with neither side the winner.

By Press TV


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