Nahavandian: Sanctions on banks led to lack of transparency in trade

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian

Tehran, Aug 4, IRNA – Chief of staff of the presidential office Mohammad Nahavandian said that on Monday that sanctions on Iranian banks led the trade and commerce to lack of transparency, inflicting losses on Iran and the states imposing sanctions.
In a meeting with the head of International Monetary Fundˈs (IMF) Middle East and Central Asia Bureau Masoud Ahmad, he said that he hoped that sanctions not to be imposed on any country.

Nahavandian said that thank God the western governments failed to achieve their objectives; furthermore, it entailed serious repercussions.

He said that Iranˈs foreign relations are moving forward on a positive track, and that Iran is the symbol of stability in the region and its regional role should be considered seriously.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nahavandian focused on regional developments, saying that emergence and supporting of the so-called ISIL terrorist group is not a tribal and ethnical issue; rather it is an action against human civilization.

Masoud Ahamd, for his part, evaluated measures taken in Iran in the past year as positive and commendable, saying that the country has paid special attention to the private sector and competitive atmosphere of enterprise during the period.

IMF experts are ready for cooperation with Iran, he noted.

He voiced readiness to transfer of experience to Iran and scientific cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nahavandian welcomed the offer.



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