Gazans resistance can defeat Israeli terrorism for ever: Lebanese FM

Tehran, Aug 4, IRNA – Visiting Foreign Minister of Lebanon Gebran Bassil said here on Monday that people of Palestine can defeat Israel for ever with their resistance and create the permanent state of Palestine.
Basil is here to attend a day-long foreign ministerial meeting of the NAMˈs Palestine Committee which opened here this morning with participation of officials from 40 world countries.

Algeria, Bangladesh, Cuba, Iran, Egypt, India, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, Palestine, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Malaysia form the committee.

ˈThe Zionist regime and terrorist group of Daesh are apparently against each other but in reality they act in line with one another,ˈ said the Lebanese foreign minister.

He stressed that the Israeli Takfiri terrorism are presently threatening the Middle East region.

Condemning the inaction of international bodies towards the Zionistsˈ crimes against humanity in Gaza, Basil said the forced migration and displacement of Gazans are taking place under the watchful eyes of the international community to help materialize illegitimate plans of the Zionist regime.



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