Source: Maliki to form new Iraqi Gov’t

TEHRAN (FNA)- Newly-elected Iraqi President Fuad Masum will entrust Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with the job to form the new government, a source said.

An informed source told the Iraqi Sumeriya news website that Masum is seeking to inform Maliki of his decision soon.

No other details were released in the report but Mahmoud ah-Hassan, an Iraqi legislator and member of the State of Law Coalition, said that Maliki has written a letter to Masum and asked him to entrust the State of Law Coalition’s nominee for the formation of the new government.

The State of Law Coalition managed to win 92 parliamentary seats in the recent elections.

Earlier this month, the Iraqi State of Law Coalition reached consensus on Nuri al-Maliki’s premiership for a third term.

“An unofficial consensus on candidacy of Al-Maliki for the post of prime minister has been reached,” a source close to the State of Law Coalition, who asked to remain anonymous, told FNA.

He said despite some oppositions to Al-Maliki’s premiership, most political currents which are under the umbrella of the State of Law Coalition have reached consensus on Maliki’s premiership for another term.

Earlier this month, Ayatollah Sistani called for faster steps by the Iraqi officials to form a new government within the framework of the constitution.

In a statement read by his representative in the Southern city of Karbala Seyed Ahmad Safi, Ayatollah Sistani asked the political streams to increase efforts to save Iraq from the current crisis as soon as possible, al-Iraqiya TV channel reported.

The Iraqi religious leader also voiced regret over the parliament’s failure in electing a speaker and his deputies.

By Fars News Agency


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