Parliament investigates health impact of interference waves

A file photo of Iran’s Majlis

Iran’s Environment Commission is to probe the effect of interference waves on public health.

The Iranian government uses interference waves to censor satellite programs, and many people have regarded these waves as the cause of serious health problems for the public.

On Saturday July 26, IRNA reported that the head of Parliament’s Environment Commission said his commission will look into the effects of these waves.

“In view of the effects of interference waves on human health, this investigation will be one of Parliament’s priorities,” Mohammadreza Tabesh said.

In addition to their adverse effect on human health, Tabesh speculated that they may also interfere with the readings used by meteorological organizations to predict weather anomalies.

The Meteorological Organization reported recently that its failure to predict the severe storm that hit Iran and claimed five lives was due in part to the interference waves used by the government for censorship purposes.

By Radio Zamaneh


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