Israeli officials say Netanyahu fools public about death toll

TEHRAN, July 27 (MNA) – Israeli labor party says Netanyahu has misled Israeli public opinion about the number of Israeli casualties in war against Gaza.

Isaac Herzog, the chairman of the Israeli Labor Party in a public meeting with students of Tel Aviv University declared that “Hamas indeed is humiliating Netanyahu by targeting Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv with rocket attacks and Gaza war certainly will bring out the worst defeat which the Israeli army ever faced in its long military record.”

“The Israeli incumbent politicians are deeply concerned about the rockets fired from Palestinian coastal enclave but actually they don’t do anything to stop the rocket attacks,” Herzog added.

He held that Netanyahu kept tight reins on media outlets with regards to the exact number of Israeli soldiers captured or killed during its ongoing attack on the besieged Gaza Strip but he must know the fact that he could not conceal the truth from the nation.

Herzog criticized Netanyahu for viciously hiding this bitter reality. “Israel’s much vaunted Iron Dome defense system is more like an iron sieve and it fails to destroy all but a few of the rockets that Hamas fires at Zionist communities,” believed Herzog.

By Mehr News Agency

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