US Congressman: Time to bomb Iran

TEHRAN, July 26 (MNA) – US Congressman Louie Gohmert has called for bombardment of Iranian nuclear facilities.

In his speech on the House of Representatives floor, Republican congressman from Texas criticized Palestinians for violence in Gaza.

“Mr. Speaker, in Israel right now, there is a battle for peace. They are being embattled by a group who teach their children, in the educational materials we help pay for, to hate Jews, to hate Israelis,” Gohmert said on Tuesday. “They teach the people to hate Israelis as well. They name streets and holidays after people who kill innocent people.”

“It is time to cut off every dime of American money going to anyone who has any kind of relationship with Hamas or those killing in the Middle East, and especially in Israel,” GOP Rep. added.

“It is time to bomb Iran’s nuclear capabilities,” Gohmert concluded. “It is time for the United States, if we are not going to stop Iran’s nukes, then let Israel do it. A friend will not put another friend in this kind of jeopardy.”

His comments came a day after official reports confirmed Iran had complied with demands by 5+1 deal.

By Mehr News Agency

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