Iranian peace group protests attacks on Gaza

Iran’s Mothers for Peace gathered in protest in front of the United Nations offices in Tehran to condemn the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Iran’s Mothers for Peace expressed  affinity with the Palestinian mothers who have lost family members in the Israeli attacks.

The Mothers for Peace read out a statement describing the Israeli government as “fundamentalist” and saying: “Israel is the only country in the world that has no borders because Israeli fundamentalists regard themselves as the chosen people of the world.”

The statement goes on to say: “Iranian mothers denounce the war being waged by the fundamentalist Israeli government against Palestine, condemn the bombardment of the people of Gaza and call for the immediate cessation of the cruel attacks against the people.”

The group goes on to call for the immediate intervention of the United Nations and the establishment of peace caravans to dispatch food and medical equipment to “the families caught in the siege of the Gaza Strip.”

Numerous Iranian intellectuals and activists, including Jafar Panahi, Issa Sahrkhiz and Parvin Fahimi, have also issued joint statements calling for peace and justice for the people of Palestine and condemning “the blatant and repeated violation of human rights by Israel.”

By Radio Zamaneh


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